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Do you have what it takes to be the Face of a Beauty Company?

We think you do! Read on to find out why.

Well, the local news just called today a superb Winter’s day and I tend to agree with them.

Before I dive head first into this month’s newsletter check out the following video because it provided the inspiration.

Five year old make-up guru

This video raises quite a few questions. How cute is young Madison? I like to believe that this video was made with innocent intentions and it is just a little girl being a little girl mimicking her Mum. It does serve a great reminder on how much children take in and how our behaviour influences them.

Unfortunately there have been a few less innocent cases of kids being the centre of the beauty debate. There was a 7 year old allegedly given botox injections and most recently another 7yr old was given a gift voucher for breast implants when she turns 18.

It is easy to criticise the mums of these young girls but I think the problem goes much deeper. Is the movement for the beauty industry to promote positive body image getting enough of a foothold?

There has been some great wins like Australian plus size model Robyn Lawley being featured on the cover of Italy’s Vogue magazine (Robyn is a size 14).

But for me, the recent stories of the young girls mentioned above highlights that more needs to be done.

So instead of just talking about it Woohoo Skincare is going to do their bit. Instead of having a celebrity endorse our product it means more to us for our actual customers to enjoy our products and service.


Introducing the New Face of Woohoo Skincare – You

We want you to become the Face of Woohoo Skincare by being our Facebook Fan of the Week. To become our Fan of the week all we need is for you to tell us an inspirational story about yourself.

Now before you think you do not have anything inspirational to tell us about – You Are Wrong! If you are a Mum running a household then that is inspirational and we want to hear about it and share it.

Each week we will pick a person to be our Facebook Fan of the week and they will be celebrated for their achievements and displayed on our Facebook Page. Yes that means your photo will be the centrepiece of our Facebook page and rightly so!

But that’s not all, if selected you will also get a free jar of our Anti-Ageing and Repair Cream for sharing your awesomeness!!!

So what are you waiting for!! Send us in your story to [email protected] today.

Take Care

Aaron and Phoebe